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Namibia's first and finest Natural Mineral Water

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Natural Mineral Water

OASIS Natural Mineral Water is taken directly from a natural stream flowing deep underground, thus avoiding the collection of impurities. This makes OASIS one of the purest and cleanest waters in the world. We offer various sizes in still and sparkling.


Since 2004 we manufacture deliciously refreshing softdrinks, flavored using highest quality ingredients and less sugar than the industry average.

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Our WUMA energy drink, in collaboration with Namibian music artist EES, is Namibia's only locally manufactured energy drink.


We manufacture Namibia's first local Cola product: Nam-Cola.  Similar to our other products we seek to produce it with less sugar than the industry average without compromising taste.

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About Us

Namibia's first Natural Mineral Water

Omaruru Beverages (PTY) Ltd. has been in existence since 1990. Situated in the northern area of the Erongo Mountains, Namibia, near Omaruru, it's a family-owned business run by a German couple. They began bottling their well-balanced water straight from source at a depth of about 200m, and marketing it under the well-known label, OASIS® NATURAL MINERAL WATER. OASIS® quickly became the most favourite brand of bottled water in Namibia - and beyond. While the team at Omaruru Beverages is proud of this achievement, it remains a truly Namibian product, pure and of high quality.

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