The OASIS product range

As our water is known to be neutral in taste and well-balanced in mineral content, it is suitable for many purposes: Enjoy as a pure refreshment or together with wine for dinner; prepare your favourite tea or coffea for having best results in taste; prepare baby's food or use the sparkling water for baking recipes. The sparkling water also has healthy benefits for metabolism if taken in the evening.

Oasis Natural Mineral Water is suitable for mixing with selected natural flavour compounds to create soft-drinks like the famous Oasis Orange and Oasis Touch of Lemon. The range has been enlarged by Oasis Grapefruit, Farmdudler and Namcola.

Oasis Natural Mineral Water is available as 330ml, 0,5l, 1l, 1,5l, 2l + 5l-bottle.

One of the most famous Oasis-Softdrinks:
Oasis Orange (-30% sugar)
Fruity taste, fresh and slightly herb:

Oasis Grapefruit (-30% sugar)

Oasis Touch of Lemon has a slight lemon taste with sweetener instead of sugar and is also great to be mixed with Angostura or beer creating a great Rockshandy/Beershandy.
The Farmdudler, a herbal lemonade, quickly became a favourite. (-30% sugar)

In 2013, the Farmdudler was awarded 2 stars by the International Taste $ Quality Institute in Brussels. It is the first Namibian product beeing awarded with this prestigious seal of quality.

The Namcola is well known for being less sweet than other Cola-products. (-25% sugar)

Best if served chilled! Try and find out your favourite and let us know about your experience with any mixed drinks. Cheers!